Can I Redirect My Domain From www To Without www In Blogger?

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Today We Are Going To Discuss About How do I redirect my domain from www to without www in Blogger?'Well  Blogger Is An Google Product And has many limitation Whether On Wordpress Or CMS There Is No Limitation.

In Early Days When  Internet is New And It is Growing Then every One Remeber The Website With WWW. Because it Is Easy To Speak And Remeber So Many blogger On Wordpress Also Using WWW unless Without www.

Also in Blogger you Can Point Your Domain With only DNS Management.So In DNS Management You need To Add A Source And A Destination Without Source You Can Not Save The DNS. 

Where In Wordpress Or In Hosting You Can Point Your Domain By Nameservers By This Reason You Do Not Need To Ad Custom Subdomain or WWW.

But In Blogger google is offering To Redirect Your Main Domain To It Means your Whole traffic Will Come On Main Website And Nothin g Wrong Willl happens.

When You Want To Connect your Domain To Your Newly Created blogger Account. Then There Is A Simple And Easy Process For Connecting it. 

In Setting You Are Going To Set A Custom Domain In Blogger The Message Show In Image Is Displayed On  Your Screen.

Blogs may not be hosted at naked domains (ex: Please add a top-level domain ( or subdomain (

It Means Blogger is Asking You To Add DNS With WWW Or As You Wish but You Can't Add In Only Domain name Format

As Discussed Above We only Say That You Can't Redirect blogger WWW to Without WWW.

Have Any Questions Ask in Comments. Keep Smilling :)
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