How Many Countries Can A Blogger Target To Get Views?

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 Hello User This Queiry We Are Going To discuss About blogger Geo Targetting. As Google Works our The Whole World Almost All Country And Now A day google Going expand There Presense On Internet our The World. So As google Trying To Staisfy There User For Getting There Answer On Internet.

When A Query Is Asked to Google. Google Try To Show More Relvent Result To Solve User's Query In Perticular Country. If No One Blogger Or Any Blog Doesnot Contains The Result From Most Searching Or Famous Website The google Start Ranking A Website Which is Statifing User By Article it Doesnot have Any issue From The blog Geo Location. So google Want To Statisfy User And Blogger Article Can Be Rank In any Where In World.


If I am An user From United States But I Am Searching About
What is Most Populer Place In India?
Then  Might I get Result From Some Indian Website Showing Most Populer Places If There Is No one Posting About This in US.

Up To How Many Countries Can A Blogger Target To Get Views?

Well There Is No Restriction To Get views On blog From Different Countries. You Can Drive Traffic from Anywhere In The world To Your Blog To Success Your Blogging Journy.User Can Target A Specific Country From blogger Setting or can Target All Type Of Audience And Country.

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